The purpose of this course is to prepare students for conducting the specific research on which their thesis will be based. Students are required to complete a thorough literature search on general area in which they intend to conduct research and to undertake extensive supervised reading. Students must submit a comprehensive survey of relevant research, together with an annoted bibliography of important papers, theses, books, and conference proceedings. Students may not register in 60-510 until they have completed all undergraduate qualifying courses required.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students must now complete this course in one semester. See Course outline for details.

Sample published survey: The sample published survey linked at the bottom left of this page is an example of a long survey which has been published in the ACM Computing Surveys Journal. Students should review this sample survey carefully. Students are expected to create a shorter survey (as described in the course outline). However, the format and style of writing should be similar to that of the published sample survey. Examples of student surveys are linked on the left. Those from Fall 2006 onwards conform to the new requirments and are an indication of what is expected from students.

Latex: files are available below for those students who wish to use Latex to typeset their survey :

Simple introduction to latex .pdf

example .tex file (open with a text editor)

example .pdf file

.cls the acm transactions latex class file

A survey written by Dr. Frost and published in the ACM Computing Surveys journal

How to create bibliographies:reference lists in Latex



Examples of previous surveys

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