60-100 Key Concepts in Computer Science - Fall 2015

THE FINAL GRADES with all test and assignment marks are now available at the following link which also includes the two test marks. Some marks for test #2 have yet to be increased owing to minor mistakes in marking test#2. If you see a mistake in your marks, please email Dr Frost at rfrost@cogeco.ca

NOTE: Teaching assistant Consulting hours are given in a table available from the link below "CONSULTING HOURS"

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Course Outline for Fall 2015 - Word For the pdf version: course outline in PDF

Summary of Concepts Covered in the Course. Note that this will be difficult to understand until the concepts have been covered. But it does give an overview.

  • Summary of concepts. - Word For the pdf version: summary of concepts in PDF

    CONSULTING HOURS Teaching assistants are available for 60-100 consultation in the CS Commons (3rd-floor Erie Hall) (formerly - the Java lab). Word PDF

    GENERAL CS TUTOR HOURS Tutors are also available to provide help for a number of Computer Science courses. They are usually available in the Java lab (unless the location is given as elsewhere). The tutors schedule will be posted onb the door of the Java lab (CS commons) on the third floor of Erie Hall during the second week of classes. PDF

  • Relationship of course 60-100 to other Computer Science courses - Word For the pdf version: Relationship in PDF

  • Individual Assignments

  • Answers to Individual Assignments will be added throughout the course

  • Group Assignments

  • Answers to Group Assignments - SEE ANSWERS TO PREVIOUS CLASS TESTS BELOW

  • Answers to previous first class tests

  • Answers to previous second class tests

  • Answers to previous final exams

  • Career Information

  • Lecture Slides

  • How to create and run Miranda programs on the CS computer servers (Word) (PDF)

  • How to access the CS servers from home USING A PC and run Miranda programs remotely (Word) (PDF)

  • How to access the CS servers from home USING A MAC (Written by Ali Karaki) (Word) (PDF)

    You can also access the CS servers from home using "NoMachine" which gives you the same desktop at home as you get using a linux terminal in our CS labs. This means that you can use nice editors such as gedit to edit your programs on the servers, and do not need to edit on your PC and upload. Info. on NoMachine and the link to download is given at

    No Machine

    notes written by Dr Ezeife on how to use no machine - scroll about two page down and look for heading "How to use No Machine..." here

  • Some example programs can be found here More wil be added as the course progresses. Do not worry if you cannot understand the program at first. The programs will become more clear as the course progresses.

  • An example natural-language bracketed-English expression processor, which evaluates NL expressions directly with respect to a triplestore containing triples about Al capone and other gangsters. The program is written in Haskell which is a newer industrial-grade funcytional programming language that is based on Miranda
  • An example natural-language query interface to a larger triplestore about the solar system. The program is constructed as an executable attribute grammar and is written in Haskell using some "parser combinators" developed by Dr. Frost's research group.

  • a puzzle - for fun(.gif) Where did the space come from?.

  • Some of Frosts Favorite Songs (pdf) >Some of Frosts Favorite Songs (word)

  • Students who are interested in Dr. Frost's research can find out more at the following links:
  • A presentation to High School Students - Winter 2012 PowerPoint Slides